Coming soon…

I’m about to start writing again so give me a few days of knock off some of the cobwebs and rust. I see a lot has changed since my last post in 2013. Stay tuned.


Ride For The Future

Ride For The Future

It’s always good to see people trying to bring about change and awareness. Really loved what I was hearing from them today. They’re bicycling from New Orleans to Houston. Check them out on FB, “Ride For The Future.”

Proud to be an American

Left a little early to hang out at CC’s(Community Coffee House) to edit a few photos. Sometimes I shoot so much that it is easy for me overlook a folder of pics I’ve done from months ago, which was the case tonight. I found an image that I had taken of a vacant residence and discovered a sign in the door saying “Proud to be an American.” My thoughts as I’m viewing it is like “now that seems like the perfect title for it.” So if you have a minute go to my FB Fan page, Othello Carter: NOLA Photographic Interiors so you can see the image itself.

To blog or not to blog.

Trying my hand once again at this blogging thing, lol. The problem is that I’m on FB so much that I treat my page as a blog site…and well, it’s really not. Let’s see if we can make this last a little bit longer this time.

Two good shoot days

The last two days have been beautiful for shooting. Yesterday I hung in the French Quarters, visited a friend of mine who has a art stand in front of Jackson Square and acted like a tourist. Today I just drove around looking shots. I need to start thinking about riding my bike now because of all the shots I kept seeing in the Warehouse District. I love tis part of town.